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A safe online community dedicated to providing quality education to our children

When you use the Learning Pods platform for your educational needs you get access to all your pod needs in one great social platform;
Meet local like minded pod mates for your learners.
Choose the right facilitator for your learners and pods.
Discover local spaces just right for your pod needs.
Formalize pods with access to contracts and waivers
Apply for Learning Pods’ custom insurance policy
Access to quick and easy background checks
curriculums you and your learners will love
Shop resources to bring your children’s learning alive

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How it Works


Set all your pod preferences in your profile and search for other members to form a pod.

Once you’ve found your pod mates and facilitator, you’re ready to create a group on the platform which will represent your real world pod.

from your group you will have access to your pod contracts, waivers and applications to ensure a safe and effective learning arrangement for everyone.


Showcase your skills and set your rate/availability to let families know what working arrangements you are offering.

Meet pod families before accepting a position and depend on a consistent payment schedule without follow up with families

When you join the Learning Pods network you can rely on work that is fulfilling

Pod Hosts

You can be a Learning Pod parent, facilitator or just a space host.

Identify your hosting preferences and set up your listing to showcase your space and fees ect.

Host a pod with the safety and security of the Learning Pods infrastructure and earn extra income on your space with no fuss.

Getting started is easy

Joining the community that will change your life is only a couple clicks away